Skidmore Training DVD – Skidmore-Wilhelm

Training DVD

$ 79.00

Our Skidmore Training DVD demonstrates how to successfully and safely use a Skidmore to measure bolt tension.  It contains over an hour of demonstrations and explanations related to the following topics: 

  • Bolt Diameters
  • Bolt Lengths
  • Skidmore Calibration
  • Torque Reaction Kits
  • Spacer Bushings
  • Turn-of-Nut Pre-Installation Verification
  • Snug Tight
  • Match Marking
  • Calibrated Wrench Pre-Installation Verification
  • Calibrated Wrench Testing Adherence 
  • Test Preparation for TC Bolts
  • TC Bolts Pre-Installation Verification
  • TC Bolts Lubrication Demonstration
  • TC Bolts Best Practices
  • Test Preperation for DTIs
  • DTI Washers Pre-Installation Verification

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