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Can you use an impact wrench with a Skidmore?

Can you use an impact wrench with a Skidmore?

There are many different tools that can be used to tighten a fastener assembly and every tool comes with its own benefits and features.   Regardless of the tool being used if you are working with high strength bolts on a project you may need to verify that you a delivering the bolt tension that is required.  That verification is done with the gauge on one of our Skidmore units.

The key to verifying bolt tension is to use the same method in the Skidmore that you use in the steel.  That means whatever tool tightens the fastener in the connection should be used when tightening the fastener during the verification test.  This brings us to a very common question:

Can impact wrenches be used when testing with a Skidmore?

The short answer is: Yes

The reason we get this question so often is because folks generally think twice about using a tool as powerful and belligerent as an impact wrench on a measurement device that is sensitive enough to deliver 99% accuracy.  There is no reason to be concerned because the Skidmore was designed with impact guns in mind.

Skidmore Units Are Built To Last 

When Skidmore units were initially designed and put into use back in the 1960s, air powered impact wrenches were by far the most common tool used to tighten bolts.  The Skidmore's distinctive heavy duty design was born out of the need to test high powered tools like those impact wrenches. That design remains unchanged today, over 60 years later, and there has yet to be a tool made that cannot be used to test bolts in a Skidmore.

Here is a short training video about using impact wrenches with a Skidmore:

Training Matters!

If you found this information useful and you want to position yourself for future bolt testing success Skidmore-Wilhelm has more training options available.

Free Bolt Tension Training

The more we can raise awareness about the role of bolt tension in structural steel the better off the industry will be.  Take our Understanding Bolt Tension course to expand your understanding of bolt tension and the role the Skidmore plays in measuring it.

Get Certified

The best way to ensure fast and reliable bolt tension tests is to get your Skidmore Certification.  You will get detailed instruction on how to execute bolt tests according to industry specifications.

In Person Training

If you want to position your organization or group for bolt tension success our onsite training services are the way to go.



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