• Video Demonstrations

    Learn quickly by watching actual testing methods and concepts in action.

  • Downloadable Content

    Get access to Skidmore-Wilhelm's official pre-installation verification logs, minimum tension and required turn charts.

  • Skidmore Device Training

    Understand Skidmore devices and how to measure tension for pre-installation verification testing.

Skidmore-Wilhem's bolt tension training combines 60 years of industry experience with the specifications and quality standards from authorities on structural fasteners.


This course is designed to teach the student to perform pre-installation verification tests on a Skidmore bolt tension measuring device.  You will learn proper testing and verification of the following installation methods:

  • Turn-of-Nut
  • Tension Control Bolts
  • DTI Washers
  • Calibrated Torque Wrenches
  • Combined Method

Completing this course and passing the associated exam certifies that you can serve as a resource for verifying fastener hardware and installation methods.  You will have the ability to quickly resolve any issue that may arise during the testing of pretension in fastening solutions.