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Model J

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Model J Portable Bolt-Tension Calibrator

  • Fastener: Screws and bolts #10 through 9/16” (M5-M16).

  • Preload Capacity: 30,000 lbs. Maximum 13,500 kg).

  • Tool/Size: 1/4” to 3/4” square drive

  • Test Bolt Assembly: 2 sizes available - 5/8” and 7/8”

  • Features a separate low- range gage for easy read- ing over the tester’s entire operating range.

The following tests are possible with the Model J:

    1. Proof load test. Determine the point at which increasing the applied torque no longer increases fastener tension at the same rate. This is the point of permanent set.

    2. Ultimate strength test. Determine the amount of tension required to produce fastener failure. Compare to fastener strength specifications and to the tightness requirements of the assembled product.

    3. Torque-tension relationship. Determine for a given joint the amount of torque required to produce a standard tension in the fastener. Accounts for joint setup variables such as lubrication, washers, surface textures, paint, or plating. Eliminates the inaccuracies that result from using torque values based on formulas.

    4. Prevailing torque test. Record maximum and minimum torque’s applied to tighten and back off a test bolt and nut assembly to a specified tension for a set number of repetitions. Compare readings to those established in standard prevailing-torque tables for applicable fastener classes.

    5. Rotational test. Determine a fastener's ability to be rotated, without stripping or otherwise failing, beyond the number of turns normally required to produce a standard tension in the fastener.