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Rental FAQ

Can I rent a bolt testing solution?

Yes, we rent both Model MZ and Model HS units.

How long can I rent a unit for?

The minimum rental period is one month, there is no maximum.

How much does it cost to rent a unit?

The cost varies depending on the solution you need.  Pricing starts at: $600  You can receive a free estimate specific to your needs by filling out our Rental Quote Request form.

How often are rental units calibrated?

All rental units are calibrated before they are sent out and the Calibration Certificate is included with them.

What if the unit or associated adapters are damaged or lost?

If a unit or parts are lost or damaged beyond repair you will be charged the full purchase price to replace them.

How do I return the unit when the rental period has ended?

You are responsible for the arrangement and cost of return freight

Is a deposit required?

No, but we do require a credit card on file.

Do you rent to locations outside of the United States?

Not at this time.