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Model W

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Model W Portable Tool Calibrator

For setting and checking all types of hand torque wrenches.

The Skidmore-Wilhelm torque wrench calibrator is a precision instrument for setting and checking all kinds of hand torque wrenches - beam, dial reading, micrometer, etc. Available in a wide range of torque capacities, this patented* device can be used by anyone to obtain accurate readings of applied torque. It is indispensable in the tool crib or on the assembly line, inspection, in the laboratory or in the fieldwherever hand torque wrenches need to be accurately set or calibrated.

  • Accurate within ± 1% of full scale reading

  • Six models from 0-200 in-lbs to 0-2000 ft-lbs

  • Dial readings in English or Metric units

  • Rugged metal construction

  • Dependable hydraulic actuation assures long-term accuracy

  • Portablemounts on any bench or may be clamped in a vise

  • Self-containedneeds no piping, wiring or other external connections

  • Reads both right and left hand